OVER 20 Years of ocean engineering.

Founded in 2008, DBV Technology LLC is a veteran owned small business initially conceived to provide consulting services to the defense industry. Since then, we have expanded to provide unique solutions for the commercial and academic sectors. Our main focus is to provide our customers with unique solutions to some of the hardest problems in the ocean environment.  It is often the case that instruments do not currently exist to meet the requirements for many new undersea or oceanographic efforts.  Perhaps instruments do exist but require modification, re-packaging or integration for deep submergence or long duration ocean deployment.  In either case, DBV specializes in custom ocean instruments to meet the user’s requirements.  The cost of failure in a sea test can often far exceed the cost of a custom instrument. Our goal is to share our knowledge and experience to help our customers avoid costly mistakes and assist them in making the rights measurements, with the right instrument, developed on time for the right price.


Dr. Harold ``Bud'' Vincent - Research Associate Professor of Ocean Engineering at the University of Rhode Island, retired Naval officer, and small business entrepreneur - has over 25 years experience in complex ocean systems design, fabrication and testing.  Such systems encompass underwater acoustics, undersea navigation and positioning, ocean communications, signal processing, electronics, and software.  Dr. Vincent graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (with Distinction) from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  He then served on active duty on fast attack and ballistic missile submarines.  Afterwards he received the M.S. and Ph.D. in Ocean Engineering and worked at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center and conducted advanced R&D for the defense industry. Dr. Vincent has been awarded four patents for undersea systems and algorithms.


Our staff has the experience and the resources to make any custom project.

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